Our design philosophy is to listen, and respond sensitively to our clients needs. We carefully integrate your house into your garden, and your garden into its surroundings – using plants and materials appropriate to the character and location of the setting.

Design involves surveying your existing garden, discussing your requirements with you, and then producing a plan of the design illustrated with hand-drawn plans.

Upon total approval of a rough, hand-drawn, sketch we will draft up a full detailed quotation – which contains a method statement and break-down (pound by pound) to show you exactly where your money is spent.

From this you will see that we do not, for some strange reason, add 10% or 20% on top of the material price. Instead we charge you the same as we are charged, and pass on any trade loyalty benefits and discounts.

Along with your full, detailed, quotation you will receive a beautifully hand-drawn, coloured, birds-eye view plan of your garden.

Should you feel that amendments are needed at this stage, please let us know – we won’t make an extra charge for minor changes, and its rare that a charge is necessary at all. Communication plays a vital role when it comes to creating your garden, and we’d rather rub out a pencil line now, than later pull down a block wall !